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Hebei Jiatuo Friction Material Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jiatuo Friction Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of brake pads in China. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of disc brake pads for automobiles and drum brake pads for automobiles. Committed to providing users with safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable braking solutions! The company is located in Gucheng County, Hengshui City, known as the production base of brake pads, on the beautiful riverside of the Universiade. It is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin and has convenient transportation. The Gucheng County Economic Development Zone where the company is located is a provincial-level industrial park with complete functions and a beautiful environment. , Policy opening, is a treasured land for enterprise production and operation! The company occupies an area of ​​30,000 square meters, a building area of ​​20,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, and a research and development team of 10 people. It has formed a production capacity of nearly 2,000 vehicle models and an annual output of 5 million sets of disc brake pads and drum brake pads. The company has taken the lead in passing the national 3C compulsory product certification and IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, and is operating in strict accordance with the quality management system, cooperating with domestic and foreign research and development institutions, and is committed to maintaining the advanced nature of the friction material industry. The company has advanced friction material research and development. The center, first-class R&D team and sophisticated testing and production equipment have formed three formulation systems for ceramics, carbon ceramics and HAO. In addition, we have tailor-made brake pad products of various quality and material requirements for domestic and foreign customers, and accept a large number of foreign trade orders. The company's independent research and development "Jingzhida" top carbon ceramic brake pads and "Zhongyuhe" high-end ceramic brake pads have the characteristics of high wear resistance, no noise, less dust, sensitive braking, high safety and environmental protection! The company's products sell well in the domestic automotive aftermarket, with customers all over the country, and are generally well received. Foreign trade products are exported to South America, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other countries and regions. Reached strategic cooperation agreements with many large auto parts dealers and chain auto parts dealers. The company is based on technology, quality first, to ensure the core interests of users, complete pre-sales and after-sales management system, so that all customers have no worries! We advocate the business philosophy of "safety first, environmental protection first, brake comfortable, and worry-free", focus on the research and development of brake products, maintain leadership, and provide customers with value-for-money brake products and services. Establish a new level of business norms for Chinese enterprises, ensure the sustainability of enterprise development and steadily increase the company's product market share. Professional, attentive, dedicated, product and service attentively. There is no end, there is no best, only better. Pioneering, innovative, and pragmatic, we uphold the corporate philosophy that safety is more important than Mount Tai, science and technology change the future, quality determines success or failure, and integrity can win the world. Let every Autobot enjoy every journey safely!


"Survival by quality, development by science and technology."
"Consolidate the foundation, continue to innovate, pursue excellence, and open up the market."   
Quality, quality, or quality" From the day that each employee entered the company, we have deeply branded these two words into everyone's heart, so that they can meticulously start from the details in the production process. Grab quality. Produce high-quality products for each customer.   
In the process of enterprise development, we have gone through the path from quality and efficiency to quality and scale efficiency. The quality awareness of all employees extends from products to work, efficiency, style and service, and gradually cultivates "quality is the starting point of value and dignity "Business philosophy.   
To achieve better quality, customer satisfaction has only a starting point, no end. We will always focus on customer satisfaction, continue to strengthen quality management, strive to catch up with the level of the same industry in China, and strive to create a brand.